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Wear Soulboards Than you so much for getting the Affordable Natural drop thru for Tims Birthday. It meant a lot to us your friendly customer sercvice Sincerly Chad thomas
Mike great selection of boards,great service got my board franklin slk artisan hand crafted.

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We carry a huge inventory of Complete Longboard Skateboards, and Custom Longboards, including Sector 9, Landyachtz, Dregs Longboards, Kahuna Creations and more!

Whether you want to Bomb Hills, Free Ride, Slide, Carve or just check the surf, has you covered. We have the largest selection of custom longboard skateboards from all the top longboard brands. We are the largest longboarding skate store on the web with longboards from Landyachtz, Sector 9, Never Summer, kahuna Creations and thousands more. Our knowledgeable skate staff will help you select the right longboard to help maximize your longboarding experience. We also offer free shipping and have many discounted longboards so look around, and don't be afraid to ask Contact Us because if you want a cheap longboard or the top of the line longboard skateboard you have come to the right place!

New Longboard Skateboard Inventory

Palisades Longboards Beauty Stringer
Palisades Longboards Eden
Bird Rock Boarding Co. 39 Bird Rock Pintail
Bird Rock Boarding Co. BR Free Ride
Bird Rock Boarding Co. Beginner Pin
Bird Rock Boarding Co. Drop 39
Black Fly Longboards Electra 39 DT HD
Bird Rock Boarding Co. Bird Rock 46 Dancer
Palisades Longboards Warhog
Palisades Longboards Marooned on mars
Palisades Longboards Blue Fantasy
Palisades Longboards Bamboo Racer

What is a Longboard Skateboard?

The history surrounding Longboards has been talked about for decades but by it's roots can be traced back to the 1950's when the swells in the water would be unsuitable for surfing and kids would take to the streets and imitate the movements they would make on their surfboards. So, what defines a Longboard and what is the differnce between a Longboard and a regular Skateboard? A longboard is between 28 inches and can go longer then 48 inches long, while the width and concave of the longboard can change depending on the manufacturer of the board. Longboards have a wider base therfore have a longer based truck (Axle) that holds the wheels, bearings and bolts to the board. Longboards are much more resiliant for cruising around and for high speeds. Skateboards tend to get what we like to call the speed wobbles at higher speeds because the wheel base is shorter but is still holding the same amount of weight as a longboard at high speeds. So, if cruising around and bombing hills is your thing the Longboard is your best option, if your looking to do tricks then a Skateboard is your board of choice.